Bedroom Philosophy

After Dark Sex Toys celebrates the fun of sexual expression through adult toys and lingerie.

Go Deeper

The site offers people the opportunity to explore their curiosity in a discreet and private manner that is not confronting.

Lasting Partnership

After Dark Sex Toys cares about its relationships, that’s why we offer you plain packaging and a real refund policy. We just want to make you happy.

Our Brands

We have researched, tried and tested many of the products on our site to make sure we know what we are selling. We offer products some of the finest brands in the sex toy industry and some of the most sensual garments in lingerie. Rather than promote brands, we like to guide you toward what is right for your needs, which is why we offer advice for choosing merchandise from our site.

Our Values

We hold your privacy in the highest regard, which is why we offer plain packaging shipping, full refunds (see our refund policy for details) and exceptional customer service. We believe the foundation of a great business is great customers, and we want to make our great customers happy with every purchase, even before they open the packaging.