Buyers Guide for Lingerie

What should I wear before the lights go out? Anything that makes you feel sexy. We’ve got some tips to help you get inspired.

Get Dressed for Sexess

If you are reading this we are going to guess that you are choosing lingerie for someone else. Let’s face it, most of us know what we feel sexy in, be it our skin or that old T-shirt we just can’t let go of, but sometimes its fun to dress up-to push the boundaries of comfort and to ask our partner to do something a bit cheeky.

Selecting lingerie for yourself or someone else should be a fun, sensual experience, but there are a few practical considerations to take into account-like cup size and style.
First, you need to have a bit of a hunt through your partner’s knickers drawer. Check the label for the size, such as small medium or large, and check her bra too. Jot this information down so you can make the right choice. While you are snooping, take note of what colors she chooses for herself, and what fabrics she likes. Does she have a set of underwear she keeps aside for special occasions? Does she have loads of hot pink lace nighties? Is there a black leather catsuit hidden at the back of the draw? Take your cues from what you find and you are more likely to impress your partner with your choice.

Now you understand a little more about your partner and what they like to wear against their skin, think a little about what shapes you might find most flattering. Do you like a babydoll dress you can scoop your hands under, or do you enjoy seeing all of your partner in fitted lingerie?
Many people enjoy the process of getting dressed up for their partner and like the many ribbons and buttons that fitted sets offer, while other people prefer the freedom to strip it all off and leave that floating gown behind. think about what things your partner prefers to wear on a regular basis and this will give you some idea of what they might like to don for you in the bedroom (or pool house, or kitchen or lounge room).”

Remember, you are buying this gift for your partner, not you, so try and think about what they would feel most comfortable in. If you can identify your partner’s body shape, it will go a long way toward choosing the right lingerie.

The Pear – Sweet and Sexy

If your partner has a curvey bottom that draws attention, she is likely a pear. Her breasts would be proportionally smaller, so choose babydoll dresses with plunging necklines or butt hugging mini dresses to showcase her assets.

The Apple – A Million Dollar Look

With larger breasts and a smaller hip and waist, many women covet this silhouette. To make the most of this bountiful bust, choose bra sets that put it all out there. Match the look with long stockings or socks to elongate the legs.

Hourglass-The Classic Figure

If your partners’ breasts and bottom are about the same size, but she has a smaller waist, then she is probably an hourglass. Choose cute teddies and bustiers to flatter her shape and draw attention to her breasts and bottom.

Athletic-Fitness First

With a svelte body that tends to be narrow through the breast, waist and hips, you can have lots of fun with many different outfits that will fall gracefully over this frame. Choose from cheeky boyleg shorts to crutchless panties or a full body suit.
I have no idea what shape she is; she looks great in everything!
If you really don’t know, why not choose something fun, like a vagazle set or edible undies. Remember, this is supposed to be fun.

What About Him?

Men like to feel sexy too. Use the same tips as you would for buying women’s wear; search through his draws for the size he wears and to get a sense of his preference for boxers or briefs.
Once you’ve decided on the style, start thinking about the color, fabric and access. Some men enjoy lacy boyshorts, while others will prefer a thong. There are as many options for men’s sexy wear as there are for women.
If this is a new element to your relationship, try introducing something similar to what he already wears, like wet look boxers if he usually wears cotton boxers, or a thong if he chooses briefs more often. Remember, he might feel a little uncomfortable at first, so have fun with it! A candy posing pouch is a great place to start with your partner who might be a little reserved-who doesn’t love having candy underwear removed? And who said those candy nipple tassels were just for women?

Choosing sexy lingerie for your partner should be a fun experience, and we hope this guide helps you find exactly what you are looking for. Check out the Sexy Wear section of this site and browse through hundreds of options for him and her.