Better Sex Guide

Want Better Sex? Our masters of all happenings on the mattress have come together to bring you their hottest tips.

Sex Toys for Couples

We have all questioned our sexual prowess in the bedroom. With one partner you might be the most amazing sexual being to have ever moved heaven, for another you could be like cold tea on a wet day. It all comes down to understanding what your partner likes, what they want, and how these things work with what you want and need. Sometimes you get lucky and it all just happens, but for most of us, after the initial steam of the lust-filled first few months wears thin, there needs to be a conversation about what (or who) comes next.
Our sexperts agree that one of the most common things they hear from couples looking to heat things up is that foreplay is no longer on the menu-its all about the main meal and the race to oblivion. While this is efficient and sometimes fun, it can become rather routine and even boring, especially for women who tend to enjoy the build-up to penetration sometimes more than intercourse itself.

If you and your partner aren’t playing, we suggest start, right now! These are a few ideas for how to tease your partner just enough to spark their interest. (It should be said that mutual consent should always be part of any sexual interaction, and if at anytime one person asks for the interaction on any level to stop that should be respected and you should stop.)


The best thing about modern technology is the ability to communicate instantly. Drive your partner to distraction with some naughty suggestions. Start with simple messages, such as ‘What do you want for dinner tonight? I have dessert prepared.’ And take things from there. Plant ideas in your partners head so that they will be rushing to get home! (We do not recommend sending images or video of yourself. Just stick to talking dirty.)


When your partner gets home, don’t give in too easily. Be a little aloof. Give your partner a little kiss, then turn away. It will make them want to kiss you more. If you like to dress up (or down) have some fun and strut around, but don’t let your partner touch you. It will make the person hungry. (Keep it light and playful. teasing should be fun for both people.)


By this point, you are both certain it’s on! And now it’s time to toss the toy box. Hopefully, you have a few toys in your bedside table (or bathroom cabinet or laundry press-we like to mis it up too.) Get lubed up and start sharing. Explore your partner’s body with a gentle vibrator, use it in ways that are sensual and fun, but that does not involve penetration. Listen to your partner, maybe they enjoy the feel of a dildo slapped on their bottom, or a vibrator tickling their nipples. Maybe your partner just likes to feel your lips all over their skin. Experiment and listen.


By this point, your partner is likely tearing at your sexy mesh pouch while they wriggle out of that naughty nurse costume. The toys have probably fallen off the bed and you are both ready to blast off. You’re welcome.

Better sex is about better foreplay. Listen to your partner, listen to yourself. Take the time to be attentive to the build-up and most of all, have fun together. If you listen and play together, you might just uncover something new in your sexual relationship and become a better lover.